India, Jan. 20 -- As Natarajan Chandrasekaran prepares to lead the vast, multi-business Tata group, the burden of management history weighs heavily against him. He takes over as the new head of a family business in a period of transition when families are struggling not just in India but across the world. Indeed, so high is the stress at such a time that survival itself isn't always guaranteed for most. According to the US-based consulting firm F... और पढ़ें


New Delhi, Jan. 20 -- Running a marathon is a metaphor for Natarajan Chandrasekaran's career. Twice over. In Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS), a business he will lead until 21 February, Chandra, as he is popularly known, has spent almost 30 years, his entire working life. He started as a software programmer with TCS in 1987 and rose through the ranks to become one of the youngest chief executive officers (CEOs) in Tata group when he was 46 yea... और पढ़ें

Is it going to be short-term pain for Amazon in India?

Bengaluru, Jan. 20 -- Did Inc., the world's largest online retailer, significantly overestimate the potential of India's e-commerce market? Having launched its site in June 2013, Amazon India (Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd) made rapid advances last year, racing ahead of Snapdeal and even beating Flipkart (minus Myntra and Jabong) in at least two months in terms of gross sales. Amazon's expansion was fueled by an unprecedented spendin... और पढ़ें

Bharti, Kotak vow to take on banking system

New Delhi, Jan. 20 -- Airtel Payments Bank (APB), a joint venture between Bharti Airtel Ltd and Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, said it will spend Rs3,000 crore to develop a pan-India banking network and digital payments ecosystem. Through their 80:20 joint venture, Bharti and Kotak aim to disrupt a banking system that has gradually woken up to changing technology and yet incurred heavy costs in serving customers. "I have seen the insides of traditional... और पढ़ें

Of founders and CEOs

New Delhi, Jan. 20 -- CEO, or someone else from Flipkart with a non-Tiger background, does raise the interesting question as to whose interests he will put first: Tiger's or Flipkart's. After all, after his first stint at Flipkart, when Binny Bansal didn't seem very keen on his continued presence in the company, Krishnamurthy moved back to Tiger, overseeing its India portfolio. Apart from venture capital investors, activist boards-all boards are ... और पढ़ें

The challenges ahead for TCS and new CEO Rajesh Gopinathan

New Delhi, Jan. 20 -- No one individual has done more business with Natarajan Chandrasekaran than Mitchell Habib, who, in a career spanning a quarter century, has worked at General Electric Co., Citigroup Inc. and Nielsen Holdings Plc.

"Chandra and I have done more than $4 billion in business in over a decade we have known (each other)," Habib said days after Chandrasekaran, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS... और पढ़ें

The way forward for Jallikattu

New Delhi, Jan. 20 -- As pro-Jallikattu protests intensified across Tamil Nadu and spread to the national Capital, Pondicherry and even Sri Lanka, the UK and Australia on Thursday, the Centre suggested a way out to contain the volatile situation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is believed to have advised Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam to introduce a new law on Jallikattu in the State Assembly, telling him that the Centre could not bring ... और पढ़ें

CP consigned to oblivion!

New Delhi, Jan. 20 -- A White Palace surrounded with green lawns spread on an artist's canvas, this Connaught Place in the heart of Delhi is not a view of present day but a black and white video of 1938 reminisced by an audience from across the world on Facebook.

Marianne Furtado Nazareth, who shared the video with her friends, remembers each detail of her childhood days in CP bit by bit.

"As kids in the late '70's, Dad (Wg/Cdr AM Furtado) took... और पढ़ें

20 minutes of moderate exercise boosts immune system

Dhaka, Jan. 20 -- Physical exercise has various health benefits including strengthening the heart, bones and muscles and reducing the risk of certain diseases.

A new study states that a 20-minute session of moderate exercise is enough to stimulate the immune system.

Exercise boosts immune system by producing an anti-inflammatory cellular response.

One session of moderate exercise that lasts for 20 minutes produces anti-inflammatory effects.

2... और पढ़ें

Eat hot peppers to live longer

Dhaka, Jan. 20 -- Eating red chilli may help you live longer, say researchers at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. Consumption of hot red chili peppers was associated with a 13 percent reduction in total mortality.

The rates of mortality due to heart disease or stroke decreased, according to the large prospective study published in PLoS ONE.

'A compound called capsaicin in red chili peppers was found to play a key rol... और पढ़ें