3 potentially habitable planets that could have water found by Nasa

India, Feb. 23 -- Nasa has announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets of which three could hold life, a find that has thrilled not just the planet-hunters but also the scientific community. This is the first time three potentially habitable planets, which could have life-sustaining liquid water, have been found together. All seven are part of the TRAPPIST-1 star system that lies about 39 light years away from us - it would take 44 milli... और पढ़ें

7 Earth-size planets found orbiting star, may hold life

Washington, US , Feb. 23 --

Astronomers have found at least seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

The findings were also announced at a news conference at NASA Headquarters in Washington, reports CNN.

This discovery outside of our solar system is rare because the planets have ... और पढ़ें

How slain Al Qaeda leader mentored Abdulmutallab into becoming suicide bomber

Nigeria, Feb. 23 -- The New York Times, through a Freedom of Information Act request, has obtained documents containing detailed accounts of how slain Al Qaeda leader, Anwar al-Awlaki, mentored a Nigerian, Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to explode a bomb hidden in his underpants, on a flight from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to Detroit, United States, on Christmas Day in 2009.

Mr. Abdulmutallab, commonly referred to as the "underwear bomber" by... और पढ़ें

Sharif arrives in Turkey to co-chair 5th meeting HLSCC

Islamabad, Feb. 23 -- Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived at the Esenboga Airport in Ankara on a three day official visit to Turkey.

Sharif was received at the Airport by the Turkish Federal Minister for Sports and Youth Akif Cagatay Kilic, a senior Turkish Parliamentarian, and Deputy Governor of Ankara, said an official release.

The Prime Minister and Begum Kalsoom Nawaz were presented with bouquets on their arrival at the airport by ... और पढ़ें

The typical Indian solution- Jugaad

India, Feb. 23 -- By N.K.A. Ballal, Retd. Sr. Vice-President, ITDC A typical solution for all problems "Jugaad," a colloquial Hindi and Punjabi word. Universally accepted. Funnily the interpretation or the meaning of the word jugaad means different to different people. For some it is an innovative fix, for some it is creativity with meagre resources, for some it is fixing of a problem bending rules, the list is endless. Every time I go to Tirupat... और पढ़ें

India welcomes UN initiative to build counter-terrorism office and improve efficiency

India, Feb. 23 -- India has welcomed an initiative by United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres to create a new office for counter-terrorism and stressed the nations should not allow "turf battles" to "hobble" the proposal. "Every day our collective conscience is being ravaged by terrorists in some part of the world or other. It is in this background of growing concerns, that we greatly appreciate the Secretary General's initiative to pro... और पढ़ें

India blames China for lack of consensus on Masood Azhar, says burden of proof against Jaish chief not on New Delhi

India, Feb. 23 -- India on Wednesday dismissed China's contention that it has not furnished enough evidence against Pakistan-based terrorist Masood Azhar, with foreign secretary S Jaishankar telling senior Chinese officials that the burden of proof is not on New Delhi. China's efforts to block moves to sanction Azhar at the UN, despite its "principled" stand on counter-terrorism, was a political decision, he said."We looked at a whole series of i... और पढ़ें

UN Rapporteur notes mounting frustration in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, Feb. 23 -- According to UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues Rita Izsak-Ndiaye, there is mounting frustration in Sri Lanka with the pace of progress in the accountability process.

Submitting a report on Sri Lanka to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) ahead of its 34th session in Geneva, Rita Izsak-Ndiaye stated in order to achieve peaceful coexistence after the long, devastating civil war, a comprehensive, well-planned and well-c... और पढ़ें

President Trump's policies may lead to rate hike 'fairly soon': Federal Reserve

New Delhi, Feb. 23 -- The Federal Reserve said the economy's continued growth might convince it to raise its benchmark interest rate "fairly soon" due to the ambitious policies proposed by President Donald Trump that may have unforeseen effects, the media reported.

The Federal Reserve made the statement on Wednesday after officials spent their meeting three weeks ago consumed with the changes brought on by a new administration in the White House... और पढ़ें

Asian markets show mixed trend in morning deals

India, Feb. 23 -- The Asian markets were showing a mixed trend on Thursday morning with some indices trading lower by over a quarter percent, following the mixed cues overnight from Wall Street after minutes of the Federal Reserve's latest monetary policy meeting said it might be appropriate to raise interest rates again "fairly soon" if the data is in line or stronger than expectations. The Japanese market was trading lower despite the Bank of J... और पढ़ें