Trump denies ever working for Russia, blasts investigators

Washington, Jan. 15 -- President Donald Trump on Monday denied he ever worked for Russia against U.S. interests, addressing an extraordinary question that has haunted his presidency and shows no sign ... Read More

Tulip delays giving birth for Brexit vote

Dhaka, Jan. 15 -- British Labour MP Tulip Siddiq, a niece of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has delayed giving birth in order to vote on the Brexit deal. Tulip Siddiq, 36, has been advised ... Read More

Trade war delaying Chinese automaker's US plans

Detroit, Jan. 15 -- The U.S.-China trade war has delayed but not derailed Chinese automaker GAC Motor's plans to enter the American market, company officials said Monday. Company President Yu Jun, sp... Read More

Many organisations greet PM for polls victory

Dhaka, Jan. 15 -- Leaders of different political, sports, social and cultural organisations on Tuesday greeted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for becoming the country's Prime Minister for the third cons... Read More

Trump's military doctrine: let others do the fighting

ISLAMABAD, Jan. 15 -- At the start of Donald Trump's first cabinet meeting of the year, television journalists were allowed in to pose a handful of questions to the US president. His remarks offered a... Read More

Collaboration not competition required as globalization at a crossroads

ISLAMABAD, Jan. 15 -- Whether or not one realizes it, 2018 may have been a historic turning point. Poorly managed globalization has led to nationalist "take back control" movements and a rising wave o... Read More

«Le Fespaco est la voix du cinéma africain»

Mali, janvier 15 -- L'affiche (détail) officielle de la 26e édition du Fespaco qui aura lieu du 23 février au 2 mars 2019 à Ouagadougou, au Burkina Faso.Fespaco 2019 « Les festivaliers viendront en s... Read More

Change in Congo

ISLAMABAD, Jan. 15 -- After last month's general election, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) is anxiously awaiting the first ever transfer of power via the ballot since gaining independence ... Read More

Pakistan is experiencing a dearth of democratic culture

ISLAMABAD, Jan. 15 -- Pakistan has often experienced an unrestrained and intense political antagonism due to its competing political elite - something which, in the long run, undermines their interest... Read More

Gabon : le nouveau gouvernement a prété serment devant Ali Bongo

Mali, janvier 15 -- Cérémonie de prestation de serment du gouvernement devant le président gabonais Ali Bongo, le 15 janvier 2019.© Gabon Presidency Aprés deux mois et demi d'absence, le président ga... Read More