Australia, Nov. 29 -- Contract Id: 1359908

Description: Australia based Rape and Domestic Viol has secured contract from Department of Defence for Vicarious training for COSADFHQ CSB Team.

The contract is valued approximately $10,085.04.

Country: Australia

Sector: Industry

Contract awarded to Rape and Domestic Viol Postal Address: Town/City:Drummoyne Postcode:2047 State/Territory:NSW Country:AUSTRALIA

Contract awarded to executing agency: Department of Defence Contact Name: VCDFGEXECUTIVE.PROCUREMENTENQUIRIES@DEFENCE.GOV.AU Contact Phone: 00 Contact Email: VCDFGEXECUTIVE.PROCUREMENTENQUIRIES@DEFENCE.GOV.AU Branch: VCDF VCDF Executive Division: VCDF Office Postcode: 2600

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