PARSA, Dec. 7 -- Parsa National Park and Tarai Arc Landscape Programme build a 345-metre-long dam to retain water for the proposed marshland

Dec 7, 2018-An artificial wetland is being developed at Ramauli Pratappur of Parsa National Park to conserve wildlife.

The park authority and Tarai Arc Landscape (TAL) Programme of the World Wildlife Fund have built a 345-metre long dam at Ramauli Pratappur to create a marsh land that would spread over an area of 200 bighas.

Community conservation facilitator for TAL Bedhari Dahal said the dam will retain rain water and the water from other sources to create a wetland.

"Ramauli Pratappur has been developed as the core area of the national park. Various animals come here to graze or use it as a ro...