Maintenance Emergency: How safe is it to fly on Southwest Airlines?

U.S., Feb. 17 -- I've seen people walked off the job, held on suspension for a month or more because they've reported problems that they supposedly were outside their scope for finding. Such alarming... Read More

Bright Brussels Festival of Light: More than 180,000 visitors

U.S., Feb. 17 -- Bright Brussels, Festival of Light had put on a dazzling show for visitors from February 14-17. 14 Large-scale lighting installations designed by national and international artists i... Read More

First Brexit airline casualty: flybmi left all passengers stranded

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In celebration of Exotic Herbs Mayonnaise on Num Pang Sandwiches

U.S., Feb. 16 -- It was an unusual invitation. The main event was an introduction to Exotic Herbs Mayo presented by Num Pang Kitchen and Sir Kensington's. I had no idea what Num Pang was, but I was f... Read More

AITA chief: Iran wants 'balance in tourist flow rates' with Turkey

U.S., Feb. 16 -- Head of the Association of Iranian Travel Agents has emphasized the need to attain a balance in tourist flow rates between Iran and Turkey. "Iran intends to reach a balance with Turk... Read More

Platov International becomes first ever five-star Russian airport

U.S., Feb. 16 -- One of the newest Russian airports, Platov International Airport in the city of Rostov-on-Don, has received the highest mark from the UK-based ranking organization Skytrax, becoming t... Read More

WTACH to protect local cultures, heritage and historical sites from overtourism

U.S., Feb. 16 -- World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage (WTACH) has been formed to protect local cultures, heritage and historical sites that are in peril from overtourism. The new associ... Read More

Bank of Tanzania: Tourism main source of country's foreign exchange receipts

U.S., Feb. 16 -- According to the Bank of Tanzania Monthly Economic Review report, tourism industry was the main source of foreign exchange receipts by Tanzania in 2018. In the MER report for the yea... Read More

In bizarre tit-for-tat, Ukraine detains, denies entry to Israeli tourists

U.S., Feb. 16 -- Thirty-five Israeli tourists were detained at Ukraine's Kiev Airport and barred from entering the country on Friday. The incident appears to be a some sort of a tit-for-tat on Ukraine... Read More

US Travel Advisory ups warning level for travel to Turkey

U.S., Feb. 16 -- The U.S. Travel Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, today issued a "Level 3: Reconsider Travel" advisory for Turkey due to terrorism and arbitrary detentions with some ar... Read More