Preparing annual performance assessment

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- As the calendar year comes to a close, many employees regardless of what level they are at, start thinking about their annual Performance Reviews. This important meeting can stri... Read More

Seasonal shopping

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- With Christmas round the corner, shopping hype gains momentum in the city offering an array of goods for the festive season. Here some of the shoppers look for goods of their choi... Read More

Business community wants political stability restored soon

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- Business personalities expressing views on the current political stalemate called upon all parties to speedily resolve the crisis and restore stability to boost business confidenc... Read More

Plantation workers firm on wage hike demand

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- Plantation workers will continue their fight for an increase in their basic wage irrespective of time and concerns of factory owners who are refusing to come to a compromise on th... Read More

CB Governor projects over 4% economic growth

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- The economic growth rate will be a shade of four percent this year, Central Bank Governor Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy told a CFA Society of Sri Lanka book launch at the Institute of... Read More

Sri Lanka doesn't produce cheap garments - JAAF

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- The Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) looks forward to having a stable rupee and is not very keen on short term gains, JAAF Secretary General Tuli Cooray said. With the laun... Read More

Sri Lanka Navy celebrates 68th anniversary: Special Boat Squadron: masters of amphibious assault

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- One of the elite units of the Sri Lanka Navy is the Special Boat Squadron (SBS). This Squadron keeps a low profile despite their immense contribution to maritime safety operations... Read More

Laxapana: A majestic waterfall

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- You don't have to go to Europe to visit picturesque mountain towns and villages. The charming Koththelena village, with its breathtaking views of the Seven Virgin Hills, is the pe... Read More

Elephants now in demand for their skin

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- Recent times have seen the emergence of a dangerous trend that would adversely affect elephant populations everywhere. This is the growing demand for the skins of elephants, espec... Read More

Reaching the summit of our Seventh highest mountain

SRI LANKA, Dec. 9 -- Between sleep and wakefulness, ten hours and forty four minutes is a hard journey in the Badulla bound night mail train, as we passed the Watagoda Station. This is the only railwa... Read More