Modi should receive EPG report ASAP

Nepal, Dec. 16 -- It has been almost five months since the Eminent Persons Group (EPG) of India has been trying to meet the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to present EPG's final report. EPGs of b... Read More

Mechanization challenges

Nepal, Dec. 16 -- Inconsistent government policies, inaccessibility of credit in remote areas and scarcity of machinery are among the major challenges of agriculture mechanization In the present cont... Read More

Lies, damned lies, and AI

Nepal, Dec. 16 -- By taking existing structures and processes to their logical extremes, artificial intelligence (AI) is forcing us to confront the kind of society we have created CAMBRIDGE - Algorit... Read More

Debates on naming of Province 2

Nepal, Dec. 16 -- Instead of inserting an elitist identity of Mithila, it would serve greatly if "Tharuhat," an identity of a subdued community, is included as a prefix The committee tasked with pres... Read More

Unholy and unsecular

Nepal, Dec. 16 -- Using state coffers and machineries for promotion of a particular religious organization is against the spirit of secularism enshrined in our constitution The recently concluded Asi... Read More

Infographics: Indian Prime Minister Modi's party loses key state elections

Nepal, Dec. 16 -- India's ruling party has suffered a setback in elections to five state assemblies, handing Prime Minister Narendra Modi his biggest loss since taking office in 2014, and just months ... Read More

(Update) Death toll in Nuwakot mini-truck crash climbs to 20

NUWAKOT, Dec. 15 -- The death toll in Friday's mini-truck crash at Ghyangphedi in Nuwakot district has climbed to 20 as two more injured succumbed to their injuries, police said. Deputy Superintenden... Read More

Youth in Politics. What for?

Nepal, Dec. 15 -- Nepal, in the past 15 years has seen political and social changes once people only imagined of. From unitary to federalism, from monarchy to republic, from a Hindu state to secular, ... Read More

Med School

Nepal, Dec. 15 -- Med school is hell, they said That's what I thought at first A place full of lifeless nerds With small hearts and large heads Oh no, I was so wrong, they were so wrong It's not ... Read More

Province one transforming into paragliding hub

Nepal, Dec. 15 -- Stunning tourism destination, Pokhara, is not just the capital of Gandaki Province. It is also a commercial hub for adventure tourism and activities like paragliding. Every year, an ... Read More