Giridih: SIM card seller arrested for calling for darling on phone

Giridih, Jan. 31 -- In connection with seeking darling on the phone, Giridih Mufassil police station arrested the SIM card vendor and sent him to jail on Wednesday. The accused, who has sent a SIM car... Read More

Five people arrested for gang rape, minor offense

Ranchi, Jan. 31 -- Police have arrested five people in connection with gangrape of minor gangrape on Tuesday night in Bundu adjacent to Ranchi. Let me tell you that in the Bundu police station area, a... Read More

Times Now VMR Survey: NDA to lose Jharkhand-Bihar 12 seats, RJD-Congress gains

New Delhi, Jan. 31 -- Lok Sabha elections are just three to four months away. This is the round of electoral survey. These days you can see the views of Opinion Palal in the channels. There has also b... Read More

Shikha made new identity, made rural women also strong, made from cosmetic by forest produce

Ranchi, Jan. 31 -- The battle of water, forest and land is going on all the way. People want to save it. But hardly anyone thinks about how to use it with modern resources. Shikha Jain is making herba... Read More

Regardless of CM's reply, CS will be given a reply in the case of poor mobile sharing

Ranchi, Jan. 31 -- In the budget session of the assembly, there was a fierce clash inside the House on Thursday. The reason for the ruckus was a question of MLA Pradip Yadav. Pradeep Yadav asked the W... Read More

Two criminals arrested for demanding Rs 20 lakh from Husseinabad MLA Kushwaha Shiv Pujan Mehta

Ranchi, Jan. 31 -- The two criminals, who have demanded Rs 20 lakh from Hussainabad MLA Kushwaha Shiv Pujan Mehta of Palamu, have been arrested by the Ranchi police. With the help of technical branch ... Read More

Sadly, silence on the question of Rahul Gandhi, MP, all-round power distribution corporation

Ranchi, Jan. 31 -- In Jharkhand State Electricity Regulatory Commission's meeting of the State Advisory Committee held on Thursday, Rahul Bharwar surrounded the MD of Jharkhand State Electricity Distr... Read More

Due to deterioration of home-based soldiers sitting on hunger strike, recruitment done in rims

Ranchi, Jan. 31 -- The home guards personnel sitting on the hunger strike near Birsa Chowk in the capital suddenly got deteriorated on Thursdays. This is the 11th day of the fasting of the soldiers an... Read More

CRPF DG Arrives Palamu: A Campaign Review, said - Before the election, the fast will be conducted against the Naxalites

Palamu, Jan. 31 -- Before the Lok Sabha elections, big campaigns against the Maoists will be expedited in border areas of Jharkhand, Bihar and Chhattisgarh. CRPF DG Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar laid out the ou... Read More

Bakhoriya Kand and Nirasa MLA rebuked the house, threatening Randhir Singh for threatening case

Ranchi, Jan. 31 -- In the Vidhan Sabha, there has been less ruckus in any issue during Zero Hour. In Jharkhand assembly this Thursday also got to see this sight. Rajdhavadwar MLA Rajkumar Yadav did no... Read More