G20 Summit reshapes the Trade Story

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- Much of the media attention during the 13th Summit of G20 in Buenos Aires focused on the Trump- Xi Jinping meeting as trade war between the two superpowers imparted never-seen-be... Read More

Sealing western prosperity in a Ziploc bag won't work

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- Next Monday on December 10, delegates from countries around the globe will converge in Marrakesh, Morocco, to sign the 'Global Compact on Migration,' a non-binding United Nations... Read More

China, India reach consensus on border but challenges linger

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- On 24th November 2018, the 21st round of talks on boundary issues was held between Chinese and Indian special representatives in Chengdu, capital of South-West China's Sichuan Pr... Read More

Qatar's strategic decision to quit OPEC

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- Qatar has decided to leave the OPEC from January, 2019. The Gulf state's new Energy Minister Saad al-Kaabi made this surprise announcement on 3rd December and reported having alr... Read More

Taiwan seeks an identity in Olympics independent of China

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- Taiwan has been agitating for independence from China. The recent popular nationalistic movement seeking a referendum for an identity independent of China for Taiwanese athletes ... Read More

The Distorted Version of Contemporary Feminism

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- Feminism is one of most widely discussed subject in contemporary ideological discourse. However, an ideology that started initially as fighting for equal rights for women now fin... Read More

The Importance of being focused

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to focus. Alexander Graham Bell It has become quite unpopular to believe in the ref... Read More

ASEAN's efforts towards Drug Control

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- Non-Aligned Movement has called on the international community to strengthen international, regional and trans-regional cooperation for countering the production and trafficking ... Read More

Beware of Arsenic in Seafood

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- Sometime ago I wrote about arsenic being deliberately added to chicken feed and the harm it did to the human body. There is another source of arsenic which is not added deliberat... Read More

Dry Mouth Syndrome

New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- Saliva is the main component of the oral cavity which helps in maintaining the health of the tooth. Lack of saliva in the mouth has become a major concern for many patients. Dry ... Read More