Security reduces poverty

KATHMANDU, Dec. 6 -- Nepal is one of the top 20 countries in the world with fastest rising prosperity over the last 10 years, a trend to be celebrated by Nepal's leaders and citizens. Nepal is among... Read More

The time has come for a Gurkha Peace Corps

KATHMANDU, Dec. 4 -- It is now more than 200 years that men from Nepal have joined the British Army to fight, if needs be, in support of Britain's overseas interests. And it is 100 years since the end... Read More

Naturally Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 -- Across the world, human societies are suffering a growing nature deficit. The march of consumerism and economic globalisation has come at an enormous cost to the local and global... Read More

Govt, not employers, responsible for employees

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 -- The contribution-based social security scheme announced by the government this week is an important step towards delivering social justice, and it is expected to protect people e... Read More

Shooting Sarus

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 -- New York-based ecological artist and activist Lillian Ball is not a film-maker. But her activism to protect the world's wetlands through images brought her to Nepal and Lumbini. ... Read More

Animal instincts

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 -- Before Nepal became known across the world as the highest per capita consumer of instant noodles (Sponsor's announcement: "Each pack is wrapped in high grade single-use plastic t... Read More

No smoke without fire

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 -- In all the debate about Nepal's increasing fuel imports from India and the country's growing carbon footprint, what gets lost is that nearly 80% of the energy consumed in the cou... Read More

Justice delayed and denied

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 -- Nepal was shocked by the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta in Kanchanpur on 26 July, but with the crime unsolved and the perpetrators still at large, the news has begun to fade fr... Read More

Why does the credit crisis keep repeating itself?

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 -- Bankers met at a Himalmedia Roundtable last week to discuss the recurring credit crunch Nepal's cyclical credit crunch has re-emerged yet again, putting the economy in the doldr... Read More

More trekkers, more trees

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 -- The sound of yak steps on cobble stone streets and their jingling bells in Namche Bazar were familiar sounds. What was less familiar 35 years later was the constant clatter of he... Read More