Maya Thakuri: Writing between the lines

KATHMANDU, Feb. 15 -- Born on July 2, 1946 in Lucknow, Maya Thakuri's first poems were hate letters to people who mistreated her. "They used to call me all sorts of names," she says referring to the r... Read More

Creeping control over the press in Nepal

KATHMANDU, Feb. 15 -- The ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) government is taking incremental steps to curb press freedom, hoping no one will notice. But added up, they represent a serious threat to t... Read More

Have we gone soft?

KATHMANDU, Feb. 15 -- Are we losing the fire in our bellies? Are we slacking off and allowing lethargy and ennui to erase the gains of our revolution? The answer to both questions is: "Umm, that's a t... Read More

Teeing off on a trek? Why not?

KATHMANDU, Feb. 15 -- When asked why on earth he would want to hit a golf ball at various high passes above 5,000m in the Himalaya, trekking entrepreneur Raj Tamang has a Mallory-esque answer: "Becaus... Read More

Nepal's superwomen beat superstition

KATHMANDU, Feb. 15 -- Media reports of the practice of chhaupadi are full of harrowing tales of suffering, and women dying of cold or suffocation during their monthly exile to the cowshed. A recent t... Read More

Communicating to remove menstrual taboo

KATHMANDU, Feb. 15 -- Growing up in Chitwan, Radha Paudel's father used to tell her stories of faraway Jumla: how it took weeks to walk there, the cold snowy winters, the Tila River on the banks of wh... Read More

Oli's 1st year

KATHMANDU, Feb. 15 -- KP Oli is Nepal's strongest prime minister since the Ranas, yet as he marks his first year in office on Friday why does he appear so embattled? Oli has everything going for him:... Read More

That time of the month

KATHMANDU, Feb. 14 -- The practice of chhaupadi in which women in western Nepal are banished to cow sheds during their periods grabs a lot of media attention within Nepal and internationally, eclipsin... Read More

Nepal's new National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission

KATHMANDU, Feb. 13 -- Nepal's Constitutional Council recently recommended candidates to chair a number of constitutional bodies. This week, Parliamentary hearings will commence for the confirmation of... Read More

Nepal's transition to peace needs justice

KATHMANDU, Feb. 13 -- At International Alert, as a global peacebuilding organisation, we often point to Nepal alongside South Africa or Northern Ireland as a country working through a peace process su... Read More