Party Symbol Or Its Ideology?

India, Feb. 18 -- The history of the world art is replete with innumerable icons representing the animated animal world. And 'Elephant', being one of the most graceful animals has been used as a popul... Read More

A Trendsetting National Event Of Peace And Solidarity

India, Feb. 18 -- National Peace Movement was the fruit of collective reflection and discussion of over two hundred people from all walks of life who had gathered together from twelve states to partic... Read More

Forming Socially Responsive Priests

India, Feb. 18 -- Dharmaram College, the major seminary of CMI Congregation, organized a three-day seminar for the major seminary rectors on the theme "Socially Oriented Formation in Major Seminaries"... Read More

Walls Rising Worldwide

India, Feb. 18 -- In 1987 Ronald Reagan cried out near the Berlin Wall, "Mr. Gorbachev-tear down this wall!" The 28-year old Berlin wall came down, and the world rejoiced for a while. But today walls ... Read More

An Innocent Sister In Jail, Not Even Bail!

India, Feb. 18 -- Last week, I returned from an emotional heartbreaking visit to jail. I paid a long overdue visit to Sister Concelia Baxla a Mother Teresa Sister who along with an employee of the Nir... Read More

Create Jobs

India, Feb. 18 -- It is surprising that a government that came into power by speaking a lot about digital India and the economics of data is not allowing a particular report to be published in the pub... Read More

After Pulwama

India, Feb. 18 -- The nation is one in condemning the attack on the CRPF constables in which nearly 40 of them were killed. A vehicle, allegedly containing 100 kg of explosives, was rammed into a conv... Read More

Joblessness And Modi's Denial

India, Feb. 18 -- Johra's woes are unending as poverty seeps deeper into the lives of some 1,000 villagers - farmers, daily wage earners and semi-skilled workers etc. A financial loan most families of... Read More

The Great Job Hunt

India, Feb. 18 -- Of the many promises on which the BJP-led government came to power, one assurance stands out: creation of two crore jobs every year. Time and again various reports and Opposition par... Read More

Are Happy Days Here Again?

India, Feb. 11 -- After having given indications of reviving the 'Ayodhya Kand' to spur its failing mass-popularity, the Modi-sarkar also intends exploiting the aam aadmi aspect of Indian politics to ... Read More