Two customs officials have been sent on compulsory leave, over 40-million rupees beedi leaf fraud

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- An assistant Customs Superintendent and a Customs Inspector were sent on compulsory leave over the release of a container of 12 tons of beedi leaves which resulted in a 40 millio... Read More

The two Ratgama businessmen still missing Relatives charge the police

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- Its been 26 days since the two businessmen from Rathgama were abducted. To date, no information regarding their whereabouts have been obtained. The CID arrested IP Kapila Nisha... Read More

Terrorist Investigations Division probes Madhush's Bank Accounts

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- Investigations have been launched to probe the bank accounts belonging to underworld leader Maakandurey Madhush, who is currently being detained in Dubai. the Terrorist Investig... Read More

Animal trafficking in Horton Plains Wildlife Park operated by foreigners

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- Two Chinese nationals, suspected of smuggling several insects species from the Hortan plains national park, noted as being as a world heritage site , have been arrested on suspic... Read More

The abducted girl student of Aranayake rescued within an hour

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- Police have cordoned off a house at Pallegama in Debathgama Aranayake and rescued a 17-year old school girl from her abductors. The abductors including a youth who had attempted... Read More

A close associate of Makandure Madush arrested in connection to the 7000 million rupees diamond robbery

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- A close associate of the criminal gang leader, Makandure Madush has been arrested allegedly in connection with the recent robbery of gems including a diamond worth of 7000 millio... Read More

Fire erupts in a housing complex in Athurugiriya

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- A fire has erupted in a housing complex at Shanthalokagama in Athurugiriya. The Fire Extinguishing Unit of Kotte stated that it has already deployed two extinguishing vehicles t... Read More

Two arrested while illegally transporting sea cucumber

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- Two persons have been arrested while they were illegally transporting 598 kilograms of sea cucumber by a Defender Jeep at Mohottuwaram in Kalpitiya. On a tip-off, Sri Lanka Navy... Read More

An IP remanded in connection with disappearance of Rathgama businessmen

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- The IP in charge of the Southern Provincial Special Investigation Unit, Kapila Nishantha de Silva has been remanded until February 27th in connection with the disappearance of tw... Read More

2 killed and 4 injured in another road accident earlier today

Sri Lanka, Feb. 19 -- A head one collision between a three-wheeler and a lorry at Warakava on Gampola Navalapitiya road early this morning left Two persons dead. The passengers in the three-wheeler h... Read More