Accenture, Qualcomm and Kellogg team up to create eye-tracking VR solution for retailers

NEW DELHI, Feb. 15 -- Accenture, Qualcomm and The Kellogg Company have teamed up to create a virtual reality (VR) merchandising solution that determines the best way for retailers to stock their shelv... Read More

Just Eat buys restaurant software platform Flyt for £22mn

NEW DELHI, Jan. 22 -- Food order and delivery firm, Just Eat, has just acquired the remaining shares of Flyt for £22mn (USD$28.4mn) Flyt is a fintech startup that allows restaurant groups and res... Read More

Retailers need to disrupt last-mile delivery if they want to succeed in online grocery market

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A meat-free Christmas: top tips for restaurants catering to vegans

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Cargill unveils 'Protect our Planet' plan to improve supply chain sustainability

U.S., Dec. 16 -- Cargill has launched a new sustainability programme called 'Protect our Planet' that aims to eliminate deforestation from its cocoa supply chain and achieve 100% cocoa bean traceabili... Read More

The future of food and drink franchising with Big Data

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Diageo launches a new sustainable sourcing strategy for African supply chains

U.S., Dec. 8 -- Diageo has announced a new local raw material sourcing programme as the beer and spirits maker strives for more sustainable agricultural supply chains in Africa. The company behind br... Read More

Shortening Life - the impact of a hard UK-Eire Border on the food and beverage sector

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Top 10 food and beverage trends to watch out for in 2019

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PepsiCo Ventures Group: Accelerating startups through the Nutrition Greenhouse

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