A plane to Poba

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- The brief journey began from my Niketan residence by an Uber to the airport which was nice on a weekend. The shock was of course having to pay Taka 200 for small frothy coffee. That'... Read More

1971: Our songs, our war, our country

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- There always comes a time in the life of a nation when it must remember itself. For Bengalis, remembrance has largely been a matter of recalling the sacrifices made by their fellow c... Read More

Architecture inspired by Prof Samad's poetry in China

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- Chinese poet-cum-architects Lam-Kong Chuen and Cherry Tsang have prepared to cast Bangladeshi poetry into architectural design. This time they have selected poetry from noted poet Pr... Read More

Patrick Brown's photography exhibition at AFD

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- UNICEF Bangladesh and Alliance Francaise de Dhaka have jointly organised the opening of the photography exhibition titled 'EXODUS' by internationally acclaimed photographer Patrick B... Read More

Joya announces new project for 2019

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- Anam Biswas's film 'Debi' has become the most successful film of 2018. Its box office collection abroad has also become unparalleled, the film's international promoter claims. It is ... Read More

Shaheen Samad brings out album on Bangabandhu

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- Celebrated vocalist Shaheen Samad in cooperation with another musician Jainul Abedin has launched an album of music videos on December 8. The album titled "Itihash O Bangabandhu" chi... Read More

The quest for free and fair elections

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- Election Management: A Compendium of Commonwealth Good Practice, Published by Commonwealth Secretariat, 2016, Pages: 238, ISBN (e-book): 978-1-84859-941-3 We live in a changing worl... Read More

Unlocking principles of intelligent urbanism in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- Every year, early November has been observed as world urbanism or world town planning day. This special day recognizes and promotes the role of planning in creating livable communiti... Read More

Tourism in Bangladesh: Needs a makeover

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- Generally Tourism is defined as the practice of touring or travelling for pleasure or recreation and the guidance or management of tourists as business. In so far, the tour is not co... Read More

In conversation with Shibly Shiraj

Dhaka, Dec. 14 -- Please tell us about yourself I liked to travel and explore new places since childhood. This is probably why I went to America at the age of 21. I started my own business after stud... Read More