Bank hack: Another suspect surrendered

Sri Lanka, Oct. 20 -- Another suspect who is linked to hacking into Taiwan Far Eastern International Bank's system and stealing money has surrendered to the Criminal Investigation Department. He had ... Read More

38.3% men in Uttar Pradesh feel contraception is women's responsibility, reveals survey

Lucknow, Oct. 20 -- A large number of men in Uttar Pradesh feel contraception is the responsibility of women, according to the National Family Health Survey-IV (NFHS-IV). According to the survey repor... Read More

Girl child unwanted? Their names say it all

Lucknow, Oct. 20 -- It is quite common to come across girls whose parents' disappointments with them are engraved in their names, according to National Family Health Survey report. Be it the arid vil... Read More

Top 5 Indian batsmen who came in at No. 4 in Test cricket

Bangalore, Oct. 20 -- In Test matches, the player who comes in at No. 4 occupies one of the most important positions. The openers lay the foundation, but it is usually the No. 4 who is tasked with pre... Read More

For Dhoni, age is just a number

Bangalore, Oct. 20 -- "When I die, the last thing I want to see is the six that Dhoni hit in the 2011 World Cup final" - the words of batting maestro Sunil Gavaskar echo the feelings of all Indian cri... Read More

The rise and fall of logical positivism

Pakistan, Oct. 20 -- In 1920, a group of philosophers, scientists and economists gathered in Vienna city of Austria. This new school of thought was famous by the name of Vienna Circle. The philosophy ... Read More

Staying in shape may increase your lifespan

Dhaka, Oct. 20 -- Want to live a long life? Reducing excess weight and staying in shape may prolong life expectancy by two months, researchers suggested. The study showed that people who are overweig... Read More

Mr Xi's new vision for China

Dhaka, Oct. 20 -- CHINESE President Xi Jinping has laid out a far-reaching vision for a more prosperous nation and a dominating role for China in the world as the US President Donald Trump is working ... Read More

Power outage paralysed civic life

Dhaka, Oct. 20 -- Acute load shedding has made the civic life in Chittagong and adjoining rural areas miserable during intolerable hit. The students who are preparing for school examinations cannot co... Read More

Developing resilience may help kids combat bullying

Dhaka, Oct. 20 -- Ever wondered why bullying has a serious effect on some kids, while others recover easily from the trauma? Researchers, led by one of Indian origin, found that the capacity to recove... Read More