India can do a lot in the domain of health care tech

NEW DELHI, Nov. 23 -- The launch of what is the largest public health coverage scheme in the world has put India at the centre of attention. Besides Ayushman Bharat, India has a lot going for it in it... Read More

The Saudi government is tying itself up in knots

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More about the rural-urban divide

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India can make it even easier to do business

NEW DELHI, Nov. 2 -- Can India break into the top 50 of the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index? After all, this was one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's aims when he took over in 2014, when th... Read More

Air pollution: Reactive, band-aid solutions will not solve the problem

NEW DELHI, Nov. 2 -- The Supreme Court petition that asked to ban firecrackers also pleads to control pollution created from other sources, such as burning of crop stubble, garbage and vehicular emiss... Read More

Partnerships can save more lives

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India and Pakistan must unfreeze ties

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A reasonable trade-off

NEW DELHI, Oct. 30 -- The Supreme Court has done well to push hearing the Ram Janmabhoomi case to January, effectively ensuring that a verdict on the case doesn't come before the next parliamentary el... Read More


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We must involve women in politics and policymaking

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