NEW DELHI, Aug. 18 -- Sometimes, we feel lost in our troubles, and end up overlooking the beauty and joy of life. Sometimes, our problems seem endless, and sometimes, they leave us completely broken. But, there is a faint ray of hope that one day everything will be all right.

That one day we will reach where we are supposed to, and everything will fall in place. It is this hope that keeps us going, motivating us to never give up, and understand ... Read More

Help adolescents cope with mental health issues

NEW DELHI, Aug. 18 -- After another teenager committed suicide in Kerala, the inspector general of police of the state, commenting on the possibility that the suicide could be linked to the Blue Whale Challenge, has made a statement that "The Blue Whale game or challenge is a psychological game; which does not have an effect on all kids, but only selected ones with low mental stability". While the IG is right in his observation that children with... Read More

US Hizb censure is a little too late

NEW DELHI, Aug. 18 -- The US designation of the Hizbul Mujahideen as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation has come a little late in the day, given that India has been flagging its concerns about the most powerful militant group in Jammu and Kashmir for decades. However, the designation comes at a time when a rejuvenated Hizb, its ranks swollen by youngsters attracted to the cult of slain commander Burhan Wani, poses a serious threat in the state. The... Read More

Yet another blow to individual autonomy

NEW DELHI, Aug. 18 -- India at 70 is indeed doing well in terms of everything and one takes pride in seeing her coming of age as a major global power. But if the success of a liberal democracy is assessed on the basis of individualism and rights of the individual, then it seems we are going in the opposite direction. Freedom of speech is being curtailed in the name of sedition even in violation of the Supreme Court's order that mere words do not ... Read More

UK's universities need to strengthen ties with India

NEW DELHI, Aug. 18 -- The UK government's anti-immigration approach has harmed the UK's relationship with India for long, leading to a 50% drop in the number of Indians studying in the UK between 20102015. With new evidence emerging, there is hope that the government's position is becoming ever more unstable.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said in India last year that the UK will make changes to its visa and immigration agreements with India... Read More

'New India': Rhetoric versus reality

NEW DELHI, Aug. 18 -- One of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's great skills as a political communicator has been his ability to constantly summon up catchy buzzwords. If 2014 was the year of 'achhe din', Make in India and Swachh Bharat, 2015 was about Startup and Stand-Up India, 2016 was Digital India and 2017 is now about 'New India'. But shorn of the artful messaging, what does 'New India' really mean?"

Is it a 'new India' when over 70 ill-fated ... Read More

Communities must work together to save the big cat

NEW DELHI, July 29 -- The global tiger day was created to think of the needs of a wild tiger. Sadly we have forgotten this primary objective. What I am going to do is to spell out the Indian tiger's wishlist in the hope that those that engage with tigers will rethink and review their strategies.

The most important item on the wishlist is to see a mindset change in the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) where this specially created inst... Read More

The Congress needs a new slogan and India needs a new opposition

NEW DELHI, July 29 -- It took less than 15 hours for Nitish Kumar to resign and return as Chief Minister of Bihar with his old partners as his new allies. It took less than two hours for the BJP - which slotted a parliamentary board meeting timed to the exact moment of Nitish Kumar's resignation - to welcome him back to the home team. That both sides were playing to a script that had been written well in advance is obvious. But when Rahul Gandhi ... Read More


NEW DELHI, July 26 -- There is a strong connection between fear and concentration. Generally we tend to consider fear to be a bad feeling and a symbol of cowardice. People feel ashamed to share their experiences of fear. This is wrong. We should understand the true nature of fear.

Fear is a natural feeling. We feel happy when something good happens, sad when something bad happens, but fear is the emotion one experiences when it feels that someth... Read More

Hindi hegemony is never a desirable idea

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- The Namma Metro has become the latest battleground for tensions between Hindi chauvinists and those resisting the language's imposition on nonHindi speaking states down the Vindhyas. Members of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike recently held a protest in front of the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation office, demanding an end to tri-lingual announcements and signage (in English, Kannada and Hindi) in the newly-launched Metro. The excu... Read More