The state of fear and fearlessness

New Delhi, June 27 -- These last days of June, 'back' in 1975, were a torment.

Indira Gandhi, an unbelievably powerful woman of 58, had got President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed to declare a state of national Emergency on June 25 night that year, on the ground of 'internal disturbance'. Within hours of the proclamation, she had put almost every single Opposition leader of weight in jail, cut the electric power lines to major newspapers, gagged the pres... Read More

No room for misogyny here

New Delhi, June 27 -- There is hardly a hotel anywhere in the world which does not tell the customer that rights of admission are reserved. But, even so, the policy followed by a Hyderabad hotel which states that locals, single ladies and unmarried couples are not allowed is a bit of stretch, not to mention misogynistic. This came to light when a single woman traveller was denied a pre-booked room by the hotel. The hotel seemed to think that turn... Read More

Iraq could emerge as a model modern Arab state

New Delhi, June 27 -- The Iraqi city of Mosul this week celebrates its first Eid free of the oppressive rule of the Islamic State (IS) in three years. IS announced its existence from ramparts of the 600-year-old Grand al Nusri mosque in Mosul. In keeping with the IS' nihilistic tendencies, its retreating fighters blew up the famous leaning minaret of the mosque. Kurdish troops have begun a similar process of driving out IS from its present capita... Read More

India cautious vs upbeat Bangladesh

Birmingham, June 15 -- India are seeing Bangladesh as a potential banana skin as the defending champions took fresh guard ahead of their Champions Trophy semifinal against their buoyant sub-continental neighbours here on Thursday.

After two full off days, India sweated it out on a sunny morning at Edgbaston on Wednesday, showing the intensity that a top team should be at the business end of a world tournament.

Sunday's eight-wicket win against ... Read More

Kohli mania adds to the flavour

New Delhi, June 15 -- The annual migration of Indians to England during summer was aptly described by an observer: It's bizarre that you fly out of Palam, arrive at Heathrow and feel like having landed back in Delhi!

This summer, all Indians, whether from London or Delhi, are cheering for the Indian team and if Virat was a candidate in last week's election in England, he would have won hands down .He is the new star and after years of Sachiiii... Read More

The unheard stories of Partition find a voice

New Delhi, June 15 -- Perhaps there are no coincidences in life, because this year, when the world's first Partition Museum will be completed in Amritsar, the theme for the International Museums Day was "museums and contested histories: saying the unspeakable in museums".

A far-fetched idea perhaps in India, where museums have usually been very safe zones - meditating upon a vast heritage of art and culture. These repositories have reflected pri... Read More

Use technology to fight cross-border trafficking

New Delhi, June 15 -- The migration and trafficking of tens of thousands of children and women from Bangladesh and Nepal into India has long been a serious concern. Even though the three countries are signatories to international conventions and bound by domestic laws to combat trafficking, the problem persists. While prevention and rescue are crucial in the battle against one of the most heinous crimes against humanity with significant social an... Read More

Don't encroach into the RBI's domain

New Delhi, June 14 -- It is true that a finance ministry in possession of a slowing economy must be in want of an interest rate cut. With the economy showing slowing growth and investment, the ministry was unsurprisingly disappointed when the Reserve Bank of India decided last week to keep interest rates where they are. Chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian argued that with consumer price having risen less than 3% in March there was a "plausi... Read More

Attacks during Ramadan aren't sanctioned by Islam

New Delhi, June 14 -- While doing research to "construct" the mind of the jihadist, I was flummoxed by the upsurge in "jihadi" activities during the holy month of Ramadan. The past few days alone witnessed a slew of attacks in Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq and the UK.

Muslims worldwide fast during daylight hours (no eating, drinking, smoking or sex), offer charity, abstain from solecism, observe tolerance and peace during Ramadan. This was the month ... Read More

Sexual assault survivors need long-term support

New Delhi, June 14 -- Though states have come up with victim-friendly laws to encourage participation in the criminal justice process, many survivors of sexual assault feel further traumatised by the way justice is dispensed. This reduces their willingness to come forward and report these crimes. A case in point is the recent one of a woman raped by three men, who also killed her 8-month-old child by throwing her out of a moving vehicle. The woma... Read More