Don't miss the fine print in the IMF annual report

NEW DELHI, Aug. 10 -- The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released the results of its annual assessment of the Indian economy this week. The good news is that India's growth trajectory has recovered... Read More

What the RS poll result reveals

NEW DELHI, Aug. 10 -- The elections for the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha ended with a decisive victory for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Its candidate, Janata Dal (United) MP, Harivans... Read More

Naru, a film that captures PM Modi's idea of India

NEW DELHI, Aug. 10 -- I recently saw the short film, 'Chalo Jeete Hain', inspired by events from the childhood of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The protagonist of the story is a young boy, Naru, ... Read More

The government must establish a department of public health soon

NEW DELHI, Aug. 10 -- To eliminate tuberculosis by 2025, a decision to integrate the two vertically implemented programmes - tuberculosis with HIV/AIDS - was taken in March, and an expert committee wa... Read More

The NDA is lax about gender issues

NEW DELHI, Aug. 10 -- We live in an age of paradoxes. Goddesses are worshipped, but women assaulted. Mothers are exalted as life-givers, but female foetuses aborted. The NDA government evokes mytholog... Read More

The NRC must be cautious, fair

NEW DELHI, July 31 -- The final draft of the National Register of Citizens was released on Monday. The exercise, which is essentially a categorisation of all Indian citizens in Assam, is an outcome of... Read More


NEW DELHI, July 31 -- I always say that it is better to be deceived after trusting someone than being left out by not trusting people around you. That is because trust is the expression of your goodwi... Read More

Imran Khan can be a game changer for Indo-Pak ties

NEW DELHI, July 31 -- Having set course for the prime minister house, Imran Khan lowered his voice at one point during a televised address - almost appearing hurt - to say he was troubled that over th... Read More

No half measures in Bihar's prohibition policy

NEW DELHI, July 31 -- Development without social reform is neither transformational nor enduring. In Bihar, we are committed to eradicate the evils of alcohol and its damaging impact on public moralit... Read More

Trade wars aren't about trade today

NEW DELHI, July 31 -- World attention remains fixed on the ongoing titfor-tat trade war between the US and China but this deflects from the sharpening contention for power between the two countries. C... Read More