Connect With The Locals And Add More To Your Travel

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Paris: Heart and Soul of France

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TAT welcomed elite weddings and honeymoon specialists to visit Hua Hin at the iconic Centara Grand Hua Hin

U.S., Feb. 18 -- The beautiful resort town Hua Hin was honored for the first time to welcome buyers, specializing in the weddings and honeymoon niche-market from 20 countries as part of TAT's 4th Amaz... Read More

US Travel Advisory ups warning level for travel to Turkey

U.S., Feb. 16 -- The U.S. Travel Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, today issued a "Level 3: Reconsider Travel" advisory for Turkey due to terrorism and arbitrary detentions with some ar... Read More

Seychelles congratulated by Reunion VP at Ministerial Meeting

U.S., Feb. 15 -- Last weekend's Vanilla Islands Ministerial Meeting saw Faouzia Vitry, the Vice President of the Regional Council of Reunion Island, remind the opening ceremony of the meeting that no ... Read More

U.S. Travel welcomes bills to address billions needed to maintain National Parks

U.S., Feb. 15 -- A U.S. Senate bill to provide funding for National Park repairs is currently under committee review. A similar bill is moving forward in the House of Representatives. A bipartisan gro... Read More

Travel losses exceed $800 million due to US government shutdown

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Bannikin welcomes new manager to oversee travel trade business development

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3 distinctive hotel openings highlight growth of Olympia Companies

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U.S. Travel applauds Bill to end 9/11 fee diversion

U.S., Feb. 14 -- "The U.S. travel community strongly supports Chairman Thompson and Chairman DeFazio's measure to end the practice of using the '9/11' fee to pay for programs unrelated to air travel s... Read More