A case for a presidential system

Pakistan, Jan. 12 -- Last year's general elections saw another successful transition of democratic government. The electoral campaign, in each constituency, without exception, promised riches, develop... Read More

Ode to Faiz

Pakistan, Dec. 26 -- I have crawled back to Faiz Sahib often. Over the years, in different stages of life, he has continued to evolve for me and make sense anew. Perhaps my experiences, and sense of a... Read More

Let there be cost!

Pakistan, Dec. 4 -- Cost of Litigation Act, 2017 was a game changer when it was enacted by the Parliament. And it is beginning to show its impact. It amends section 35 of the Civil Procedure Code, 190... Read More

Trial by press

Pakistan, Nov. 26 -- There is little doubt that at the twilight of his term in office, the Chief Justice has carved out quite a legacy that will outlast many of his peers, past and present, on the Ben... Read More

Three, two, strike!

Pakistan, Oct. 25 -- Islamabad Bar Council issued a notification calling for a strike on October 24, 2018. The notification refers to a "meeting of the Inter Provincial Bar Councils Relationing Commit... Read More

Pied piping accountability

Pakistan, Oct. 23 -- Our Constitution envisages a procedure for the removal of the judge of the Supreme Court or of a High Court. The Supreme Judicial Council, constituted pursuant to Article 209, of ... Read More