The thrill of mountain biking

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- Bike racing is a sport that is believed to have a lot of scope in Nepal. It's considered an epitome of adventurous sports with its history dating back to the 1890s. However, it's onl... Read More

On the rise

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- Baaja will soon be releasing an album and they have already started recording for it. Until then, you can hear them on SoundCloud under 'Baaja.music' and 'Chattra Bahadur Chahari' or... Read More

Strumming the sarangi

Nepal, Feb. 8 -- The song 'Despacito' (meaning slowly) by Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi received many praises, accolades, and awards including three Grammy Award nominations. It wasn't a surprise the... Read More

Sniggers and satires

Nepal, Feb. 1 -- We are all guilty of spending hours on YouTube watching Buzzfeed or some other channel, wondering why we are wasting time watching something so silly yet finding ourselves enjoying an... Read More

Weaving prosperity in women's lives

Nepal, Feb. 1 -- Shyam Badan Shrestha worked as a teacher for 13 years, teaching Science and occasionally Nepali too. During those days, whenever she was done with work she would start knitting or wea... Read More

Stirring the soul

Nepal, Jan. 25 -- Sambriddhi Ghimire, a 19-year-old student currently on her gap year, remembers she and her dad bonding over Narayan Gopal's famous song "Kehi mitho baat gara" whilst cooking dinner. ... Read More

Honoring his roots & staying true

Nepal, Jan. 25 -- Sabin Bhandari comes from a family of artists. His grandfather, Kulman Bhandari is a renowned artist and sculptor. Also, his dad and uncles used to paint and sculpt as well. So natur... Read More

The fitness fanatic

Nepal, Jan. 18 -- Studying medicine is demanding to say the least and most medical students barely manage to attend lectures and prepare for exams. But Mohit Karki claims to have made it a point to hi... Read More

Armed with a camera

Nepal, Jan. 11 -- Sabrina Dongol, 25, quit her job as an IT professional and started working as a freelance photographer. Photography, she says, came spontaneously. It was almost like second nature. B... Read More

The art of comedy

Nepal, Jan. 11 -- Shraddha Verma, a 23-year-old social worker, finds herself funny. According to her, that's the most important thing for a stand-up comedian. You have to believe that you are incessan... Read More