The path to self-discovery

KATHMANDU, Dec. 7 -- The concept of a life coach is common in many countries in America and Europe, but it's fairly new in case of Nepal. With talks of anxiety and depression still a taboo in our soci... Read More

Fun with faces

Nepal, Dec. 7 -- If you are planning to gift your friend a quirky and unconventional gift for his/her birthday, look no more. Khwappa Cartoons, a product/service company based in Kathmandu, is here to... Read More

Humor in the humdrum

Nepal, Nov. 30 -- If you scroll through the explore section on Instagram, you are likely to come across a comic strip or two quite frequently. Comic strips have been quite big on social media for a wh... Read More

Putting up an unforgettable show

Nepal, Nov. 30 -- The hall is littered with props, chairs, and bulging bags of clothes and fabric. The stage is being set up with magnificently painted ply-boards. A bohemian red and floral sofa sits ... Read More

The Dharahara Debate

KATHMANDU, Nov. 30 -- News that Dharahara had collapsed during the earthquake of April 25, 2015 came as a shock to every Nepali around the world. In the years that followed, when shock finally gave wa... Read More

An adventurous longing

Nepal, Nov. 23 -- From 1400m to 5416m, this journey has quite an elevation. As I "last-minute" over packed my luggage for my dream trip - the Annapurna Circuit - I had little idea of what was coming n... Read More

The magic of memes

Nepal, Nov. 16 -- Out of the 12,000 plus pictures 23-year-old computer science student Ayushma Rimal has on her phone around 7000 are screenshots of memes that make her laugh and she often finds herse... Read More