Game of colours

India, Dec. 15 -- From fiery oranges and yellows, myriad shades of blue, to black, green, rich hues of red and even copper, silver and gold, artist Vinita Karim's canvases are a glorious riot of colou... Read More

Zero will connect with children

India, Dec. 13 -- Director-producer Anand L Rai believes that children will enjoy the film Zero and Anushka Sharma's character is the primary reason. Anand Rai, throughout the shoot, used to tell us ... Read More

An ode to a sari

India, Dec. 11 -- It seems that after the big fat weddings of Deepika-Ranbeer and Priyanka-Nick, the traditional sari is making a comeback and how. We do not need Rekha to remind us of the gorgeous Ka... Read More

The real he for she movement

India, Dec. 10 -- A96-year-old khap panchayat leader admits that it's time for the winds of change to blow in and that girls need to be nurtured rather than destroyed though he knows he cannot overtur... Read More

'Can never predict writers'

India, Dec. 8 -- The Ice Juice twist at the end of season 2 was extraordinary. What is your take on how the season came to a dramatic end? Paul Giamatti: I'm glad to know that people didn't see it co... Read More

The love game

India, Dec. 7 -- It's a social media world. We don't just find photographs of couples online, rather we even see them bonding over the internet. One of the biggest media is the way through multiple da... Read More

The best restaurants in India

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What's in your sock?

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Let's gift experiences

India, Dec. 4 -- The joy of unwrapping a large box with bare hands while in your pajamas is a moment of indescribable excitement. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or wedding, we look fo... Read More

A whiff of winter

India, Nov. 30 -- It's that time of the year when the holiday cheer shoos away the dull winter and catches all of us in its yarn. And, in a country like ours where every festival is celebrated with fe... Read More