An unknown script

India, Feb. 16 -- Roma is a beautiful film. How did you not go crazy planning every detail? I did go crazy (laughs). Even the crew had gone crazy. Nobody knew what was there in the screenplay. I wrot... Read More

'Home is where family is'

India, Feb. 16 -- Creating the character of Lady Bird was a time consuming one. How did you prepare for the same? Lady bird had intricate characteristics, creating that or becoming her needed time so... Read More

Thank you for the music

India, Feb. 15 -- If a recent survey is anything to go by, then we will be clued into music on the move or in our mindsphere most of our waking hours. "India is a music-loving society with consumers s... Read More

The Valentine rush

India, Feb. 14 -- What's better than finding out new ways to celebrate one of the purest forms of emotions with another equally powerful passion? That of the wanderlust. And demonstrably caring your p... Read More

Bleed Blue

India, Feb. 11 -- It was back in 1873 when two visionary migrants conceptualised what has now become the ultimate and the most popular apparel on earth - blue denim. Since then jeans have never gone o... Read More

Bhumi gets into the character

India, Feb. 9 -- Bhumi Pednekar is an actor who strives for perfectionism. For her next, Sonchiraiya she sat through several hours of make-up sessions to make her look unrecognisable. So, when the tra... Read More

They came, they spoke, they conquered

India, Feb. 9 -- Receiving an Academy Award is the pinnacle of any actor's success story. As the who's who of the world film industry come together under one roof to celebrate this moment, the sheer m... Read More

A sword ballet

India, Feb. 9 -- The cast is made up of people from so many nationalities and countries. The brothers come from different backgrounds and cultures. Is that a challenge? I wouldn't say a challenge. It... Read More

Grandma's secrets

India, Feb. 8 -- With food patterns diversifying into multiple varieties of diets and meal plans, people are increasingly turning conscious of what they stock in their kitchen. According to a food tre... Read More

A thousand and one tales

India, Feb. 8 -- The sounds of Kerala's Panchvadyam musical form echoed in the Kamani Auditorium as Bharat Rang Mahotsav, the annual theatre festival of National School of Drama (NSD) marked the openi... Read More