Bishwa Sahitya Kendra: Guiding young readers into the path of light

Bangladesh, Feb. 15 -- Like the authors, readers are also born. And they need to nurture the habit. If one doesn't grow a passion for out-of-syllabus books, he or she can never grow into a reader. An ... Read More

Keeping rivers free of encroachers

Bangladesh, Feb. 12 -- The country's conservationists, especially the activists engaged in campaigns to save rivers, will surely take heart from the ongoing government drive to recover the grabbed riv... Read More

Festivities with foreign friends

Bangladesh, Feb. 10 -- The city of Dhaka these days is used to seeing foreigners moving about in the areas hosting cultural events. The foreigners are also participants. This scenario has been recurri... Read More

Combating dust pollution in Dhaka

Bangladesh, Feb. 5 -- The January 30 announcement of a drive by DSCC (Dhaka South City Corporation) to fight the menace of Dhaka's dust by spraying water is a timely step. So it seems. The dry season ... Read More

Potential for GI-eligible items

Bangladesh, Feb. 3 -- After a long gap, Bangladesh appears to have become vocal about its many wonderful products that deserve the GI status. In the last seven years, three of its products have won th... Read More

Love and respect for the elderly

Bangladesh, Feb. 1 -- Elderly people ranging from 60-year to 80-year-olds toiling away to eke out a living is a common sight in Dhaka. They are seen engaged mainly in manual work; some of these jobs a... Read More

National imperative of saving hills

Bangladesh, Jan. 29 -- After afflicting the greater Chattogram region, the menace of hill-cutting has lately spread to the greater Sylhet -- especially Moulvibazar district. Many other areas in the co... Read More

The case for residential universities and JU

Bangladesh, Jan. 18 -- The 48th founding anniversary of Jahangirnagar University, the country's only fully residential public university, was a great occasion for jubilation and festivity to both the ... Read More

Syndicates target ignorant farmers

Bangladesh, Jan. 15 -- To call the recent changes in the style of cropping and the achievements made in the country's agricultural yields in the last couple of decades amazing is no overstatement. Any... Read More

Bedeys leaving their traditional boat-homes, let the boat drift away aimlessly

Bangladesh, Jan. 11 -- The October 2018 issue of the National Geographic magazine carries a pictorial story on the Iranian nomadic people. In terms of the adversities facing these roaming communities,... Read More