Depicting the importance of women in society

Pakistan, Feb. 16 -- Seasoned watercolourist, city and landscapist Mahboob Ali held a solo show painting exhibition with the theme of depiction of mythological characters and dreams of peace at the Oy... Read More

Do something special for Him and for Her

Pakistan, Feb. 14 -- For Her A RED SWEATER - I know winter is running away quite fast but we still have the entire month of February to make do with our shawls, light coats and soft sweaters. Today, ... Read More

Is the ghar ka khana culture taking over?

Pakistan, Feb. 8 -- Roti has come out at a time when ghar ka khana culture is on the rise in Lahore at least. Off late, low-budget restaurants like Karachi Kanteen, What'a Paratha, Chai Kada and Grill... Read More

Remembering chef Fatima Ali and her fulfilling life cut short by cancer

Pakistan, Jan. 27 -- What would you do if you found out you only had a year to live? Twenty-nine-year-old chef Fatima Ali was posed with the same hard question and she answered it loud and clear. "Th... Read More

For the love of beef and burgers

Pakistan, Jan. 24 -- Nestled in the heart of Defence Housing Authority's famous Y Block market, the Warehouse Cafe offers everything from fast food to pastas and steaks. In addition, there is an entir... Read More

Remembering top six tracks of Calvin Harris on his 35th birthday

Pakistan, Jan. 17 -- 'PROMISES' - released last year, British singer Sam Smith sung the track which instantly created waves the moment it released. The song is a party tracks featuring the soulful voi... Read More

Exploring the capital of Wales - Part III

Pakistan, Jan. 15 -- LLANDAFF FIELDS - I am lucky to visit these fields pre-winter so the autumnal effect was there. The tall trees were adorned with yellow, brown, red and green leaves forming a colo... Read More

Exploring the capital of Wales - Part I

Pakistan, Jan. 12 -- October is pre-winter in the United Kingdom and so, was quite an unpopular choice to be visiting the island nation in. Also, being a Lahori, choosing Wales to be having winter va... Read More

Setting a precedent in fine-dining

Pakistan, Jan. 10 -- The Defence branch of fine-dining restaurant Aylanto is less-explored and I feel less marketed. Of course, Aylanto meaning tree of a heaven, is not the one to commercialise and ad... Read More

Most memorable performances by these birthday stars

Pakistan, Jan. 7 -- 'CORPORATE' - the Bengali actress turns 40 today and has films like 'Corporate' to her credit, which portrayed her in a never-seen-before de-glam attire. Bipasha Basu let her actin... Read More