Top three outfits from bridal week

Pakistan, Dec. 14 -- REEMA AHSAN - the couturier showcased her distinct bridal collection titled Daastaan. This one in particular stood out for its light and pastel colour palette with shades of coral... Read More

Painting the town 'green'!

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Fingers crossed for Lady Gaga's nomination for an Oscar

Pakistan, Dec. 6 -- Running on a budget of $40 million, musical romantic drama 'A Star Is Born' has raked in worldwide profits worth $363 million, ever since its release on October 5, 2018. Two months... Read More

One stylish breakfast!

Pakistan, Dec. 1 -- As much as Lahoris like indulging in oily curries and spicy meals for breakfast, which is complete with a big glass of lassi and tea, of late, those same Lahoris have their options... Read More

Revolutionising show direction slowly but surely

Pakistan, Nov. 30 -- Pakistani show director Sadia Siddiqui is a show director and now a critically acclaimed choreographer, initially based in London and now in New York. She is up against veterans ... Read More

Day 3 honours Madeeha Gauhar for her untiring efforts in making Ajoka what it is today

LAHORE, Nov. 19 -- What is noteworthy about Faiz International Festival is how it began tentatively and low-key at first, with limited sessions and a restricted audience. I remember there even was a t... Read More

Light and delectable, a hi-tea for masses

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Top 13 most stylish divas in Pakistani politics

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11 books to read by the time you turn 30

Pakistan, Oct. 26 -- 'KALEIDOSCOPE' BY DANIELE STEELE - I was just a year old when thean book was released but I didn't read it until years later. This one is a gripping tale of three sisters who are ... Read More

Dance guru says despite making it big, he's okay being called Komal Rizvi's brother

Pakistan, Oct. 17 -- Young, handsome and immensely talented, Hasan Rizvi has the friendliest attitude to match his attributes. Choreography and public relations are two of his strongest skills which ... Read More