A million watt smile

India, Feb. 21 -- In a role reversal from their younger days of serenades and big love despite the odds, actors Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor now play a warring couple. Yes, they are at loggerheads, o... Read More

Man of steel

India, Feb. 2 -- It is a small room where anywhere between 70-100 people are packed in. Some are sitting on chairs, others on the floor and still others are standing on the edge. Everyone is straining... Read More

A walk in the clouds

India, Feb. 1 -- Imagine rows and rows of pure white Tibetan prayer flags flapping around you so that you become the only dot of colour. Then you bump into massive bust heads that artist Ravindra Redd... Read More

the art of co-existence

India, Jan. 26 -- When one enters the Kisan Haat at Chattarpur, you could get the feeling of having arrived at Dilli Haat, the usual saris, stoles, woollens, handicrafts and knick-knacks on display. A... Read More

The first cut

India, Jan. 25 -- Everybody tells you a story. But does it touch you? Or is calling out to you to make a film? When I read Sandeep Singh's story and also his hand-written essay, I couldn't put it down... Read More

A wink and a wonder

India, Jan. 19 -- Dressed in black, actor Arshad Warsi is pacing the expanse where the entire wall is made of glass. He wants to know if there is a place where he can step out or if there is a window ... Read More

An observer of politics

India, Jan. 17 -- A pair of spectacles dangles at the end of the V-neck of the grey sweater and a blue muffler is casually thrown across Prakash Jha's shoulders. The ensemble is paired with dark trous... Read More

The accidental actor

India, Jan. 12 -- I did cheat in my Economics exams. I had an invigilator who let the entire class cheat. I am not proud of that," says actor Emraan Hashmi with great candour. He is in the capital to ... Read More

Spice row of Delhi-6

India, Jan. 4 -- While planning the new menu at Radisson Blu MBD, Noida, Master Chef Mohammed Khursheed decided that he would be traversing beyond the realm of the usual. "So if patrons ask for someth... Read More

A matter of the heart

India, Dec. 21 -- Some years ago if someone had suggested that a festival celebrating Urdu, a language which most felt was dead or dying, would have footfalls that would rise 10 times in four years, i... Read More