Fragile beauty

India, Dec. 15 -- The tapping was gentle yet insistent and then a sudden shattering sound echoed around the studio. Two flowers broke off from a green decorative glass piece and made a clatter trigger... Read More

Basic essence

India, Dec. 14 -- In a meal, we normally conjure carbs as a necessary yet boring evil. But when a chef elevates the simple grain to an experience par excellence, you know that a lot of thought has gon... Read More

Distance is Journey

India, Dec. 13 -- What are you telling children when they see Bollywood? You go, fall in love and that is the end of life. Or that you should go find a villain and beat the crap out of him. We are con... Read More

Culture Czar

India, Dec. 6 -- There are more than a hundred people - the swish set of Delhi kitted out in their best to safeguard against the vagaries of nature while answering suitably to the demands of fashion, ... Read More

Break free with Bohemian Rhapsody

India, Dec. 4 -- Farrokh Bulsara, better known as Freddie Mercury, seems to be the flavour of the season. Close on the heels of a movie, Bohemian Rhapsody , named after his iconic song, which is also ... Read More

THE philosopher Bard

India, Nov. 24 -- It has to have spirit and that alone will call out to me," says sagely singer, songwriter, composer and actor Lucky Ali about the reason why he decided to sing a song. He is dressed ... Read More

Stories are about what we can be

India, Nov. 20 -- Highway." "Board exams." "Donald Trump." "Basket ball." Seemingly disparate words thrown by the large audience were strung together in an impromptu story by film director Imtiaz Ali ... Read More

As Boundless as India

India, Nov. 17 -- The transluscent paper still covers the huge 149.5 x 105 cm piece which rests against the wall as it is yet to be hung up. People hover around as "the piece de resistance" as Gaurav ... Read More

And thereby hangs a tale

India, Nov. 16 -- It is one thing to read about Shivaji in a comic strip and visualise him within laid down references and contexts. But when a storyteller describes the valour of the Maratha warrior ... Read More

'Women have it tough on set'

India, Oct. 30 -- She burst upon our screen as the complete antithesis of contemporary heroines. She was strong yet vulnerable. She could be rescued by the hero but was also capable of rescuing him ri... Read More