Birgunj inmates deprived of proper treatment, care

PARSA, Feb. 17 -- Inmates at Birgunj Prison are deprived of proper treatment and care as the Department of Prison Management has not deployed any medical officer in the prison, according to social act... Read More

Two animal passes to be constructed along Kathmandu-Tarai fast track

PAWAN YADAV, NIJGADH, Feb. 13 -- Concerned authorities have decided to construct two underpasses alongside the under-construction Kathmandu-Tarai expressway for the free movement of wild animals. fro... Read More

Revenue collection at Birgunj Customs hit due to protests

PARSA, Feb. 9 -- The Birgunj Customs was given a target of Rs13.72 billion for the mid-January to mid-February period, however, only Rs7.58 billion has been collected as of now with only a few days le... Read More

Imported sugar trickles into market after being stranded at Dry Port

PARSA, Feb. 6 -- Salt Trading Corporation has released 10,000 sacks of sugar that had been lying idle for four and a half months at the Dry Port in Sirsiya, Birgunj, following the import restriction i... Read More

Rail project hinders movement of elephants

Kathmandu, Feb. 4 -- A herd of wild elephants has been trapped in a forest in Sarlahi district for the last one and a half months after their route was blocked by the rail track and bridges that are b... Read More

Farmers face shortage of chemical fertiliser

PARSA, Jan. 26 -- Farmers are facing a shortage of urea at a time when winter crops are in dire need of chemical fertiliser. Lack of urea at the warehouse of state-owned Agriculture Input Company for ... Read More

Parks dart wild elephant and instal radio collar

PARSA, Jan. 6 -- A marauding wild elephant that wreaked havoc in human settlements near the Chitwan and Parsa national parks for the past year has been taken under control by the parks' officials. Af... Read More

Border residents upset by ban on large Indian notes

PARSA, Dec. 21 -- The Cabinet recently decided to disallow people from carrying Indian currency notes larger than Rs100 in Nepal Dec 21, 2018-Traders and locals in markets located along the Nepal-Ind... Read More

Parsa sanctuary builds artificial wetland

PARSA, Dec. 7 -- Parsa National Park and Tarai Arc Landscape Programme build a 345-metre-long dam to retain water for the proposed marshland Dec 7, 2018-An artificial wetland is being developed at Ra... Read More

Camera traps installed to monitor animals' movement

PARSA, Dec. 6 -- The latest tiger census report made public in September showed the tiger's population in the CNP had decreased to 93 from an estimated number of 120 during the 2013 census Dec 6, 201... Read More