Lives lost, loves regained

Nepal, Dec. 1 -- Roy is enamored by the concept of the flawed female, the gifted and talented woman who deserves much more than a marriage. She sets out to create an unbridled, unapologetic, bold fema... Read More

A tiny, delightful morsel

Nepal, Nov. 17 -- Indian author Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi's latest offering, The Rabbit and the Squirrel, is likely to baffle librarians and booksellers, for it defies conventional genres. Its folkt... Read More

A home of one's own

Nepal, Oct. 27 -- Home Going, the debut novel by Ghana-born author Yaa Gyasi, begins like distant lore-a myth, a dream even. It is the late eighteenth century in West Africa, when Effia Otcher is born... Read More

Burning, raging

Nepal, Oct. 6 -- In how many ways can you write on loyalties in times of war, fragility and manipulation? Karachi-born author Kamila Shamsie has just done this, for the seventh time, in her latest nov... Read More

Time and again, love

Nepal, Sept. 22 -- There are books we like because with their dazzling beauty, they make us say 'wow!'. Others, far fewer in number, weave in an element of surprise or novelty so thought-provoking, we... Read More