Existence small, not shrunken

Nepal, Nov. 3 -- For any reader of this country's English language newspapers, Shradha Ghale is a familiar name. Her non-fiction reporting has appeared in a great many periodicals and newspapers, incl... Read More

Wizard of the colours

Nepal, Oct. 27 -- Gaurab Thakali's artwork is alive. The vibrant colours pulsate, as if breathing, and his fluid strokes undulate, as if constantly moving. Each piece of art has a distinctive palate, ... Read More

The waking

Nepal, Oct. 13 -- The first room is that of unbridled expression, free of form and free even of thought. Empty walls, white and unblemished, invite all to draw, scribble, graffiti. This is the room wh... Read More

Being and nothingness

Nepal, Oct. 6 -- I sleep fitfully, in between starts and stops, never deeply enough to dream. There are thousands around me, constantly moving, talking in languages that seem to meld into one incompre... Read More