Positivity in adversity

Nepal, Dec. 9 -- Have you ever thought of your life? Though you have to go through different tides But it's so special that you might not know it now It gonna bring happiness to someone near or far... Read More

Just stay true

Nepal, Dec. 6 -- It's okay to cry when you're hurt It's okay to smash things and later sort But when you're done crying Wipe your face Go wash and refresh And clean your mess And get up with les... Read More

Every rejection pinches the heart

Nepal, Dec. 1 -- There are challenges in life It breaks you down but that's how we learn to dive It's also an opportunity to thrive Most often it's about mindset so learn to use the knife. You'll ... Read More

Anxiety surrounds

Nepal, Nov. 15 -- Have you ever felt that you lack so much of things in life? People say you are good at many things But when you stand by the people better than you There you'll feel like you don'... Read More

The love for you was pure

Nepal, Nov. 3 -- I still think of you I keep wondering, how are you? The heart still beats for you Though we do not talk like when we knew. Do I cross your mind like you cross mine? Does your hea... Read More

Fuel the inner jolts

Nepal, Oct. 16 -- Your definition cannot be defined by others Your dreams and wants are your warriors So brace yourself and grace it with love Work day and night no matter you have go through the t... Read More

The river has cried every night

Nepal, Oct. 11 -- My mind is blank at the moment Couldn't think of how it happened There was not much in between us Those days are still fresh when we knew each other first. With each passing days... Read More

Scared of meeting you again

Nepal, Oct. 6 -- I have closed my door and windows, It's dark with only few rays of light, I am scared that I will get hurt, And I can't get away from your thoughts if I meet you. I made a mistake... Read More

Heart Beat

Nepal, Sept. 25 -- Well I don't know when and why Your thoughts comes and I can't run away from your skies I feel like laughing but hearts keeps racing Well I don't know how and I don't know why I... Read More

Bullies behind the wheels

Nepal, Sept. 22 -- I was going for my dad's treatment at Fatima Healing Center last week. We were headed toward Bhatbhateni from Maitidevi on a taxi. Our taxi driver, like every other cabby in Kathman... Read More