Oli needs to relax and stick to one-liners and make us laugh with his comedy

Kathmandu, Feb. 16 -- First of all, let us congratulate our Prime Monster Oli Ba for completing his one year in office the second time around. Oli tells us that his government has laid a solid foundat... Read More

Guffadi: Our Oli government is not a communist but a truly wild capitalist party

Kathmandu, Feb. 2 -- First of all, let us congratulate our greatest communist party on Earth for showing us their two-third majority to pass the Medical Mafia Bill through both houses. Yes, finally it... Read More

Break up song

Nepal, Jan. 19 -- It's sad to hear that Bibeksheel Sajha (BS) Party folks have decided to split up. Our political parties are good at breaking up and then making up and breaking up again to fulfill th... Read More

In the name of politics

Nepal, Jan. 5 -- It seems that one can get away with murder, win election, go into hiding and meet the country's Prime Monster in a foreign land and then come back, surrender, stay in jail and then ta... Read More

Time for A Revolt

Nepal, Dec. 22 -- Our major political parties are run by old fogies who grew up in the 'typewriter' age. So let us not blame our netas for trying to ban our voice because it's new to them. They don't ... Read More

Speechless in Baluwatar

Nepal, Dec. 8 -- When Oli became our Prime Monster for the first time, he promised us many things. He left Baluwatar without fulfilling any of the promises made. We are still waiting for our governmen... Read More

The People's President!

Nepal, Nov. 24 -- Our Oli government seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons every week and, instead of apologising for their nataks, those in power blame the people for making a big issue o... Read More


Nepal, Nov. 17 -- We are done with Tihar and yet, evil continues to rule over good in this land of ours. The only folks who have all the fun during the festive season are our hardworking civil servant... Read More