Speechless in Baluwatar

Nepal, Dec. 8 -- When Oli became our Prime Monster for the first time, he promised us many things. He left Baluwatar without fulfilling any of the promises made. We are still waiting for our governmen... Read More

The People's President!

Nepal, Nov. 24 -- Our Oli government seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons every week and, instead of apologising for their nataks, those in power blame the people for making a big issue o... Read More


Nepal, Nov. 17 -- We are done with Tihar and yet, evil continues to rule over good in this land of ours. The only folks who have all the fun during the festive season are our hardworking civil servant... Read More

Tea party

Nepal, Nov. 3 -- If you want to know how a political party would run this country were they to come to power, attend one of their tea parties. Don't fall for their hawatari speeches because our netas ... Read More

Dashain hangover

Nepal, Oct. 27 -- Let us thank our government for giving us the best Dashain gift ever. No, we did not get free Khasi or anything else from our incompetent government. Instead, we had to pay more for ... Read More

Bam Dev for President

Nepal, Oct. 13 -- Bam Dev is an unlucky man. While his friends and foes won elections left and right, our man lost because of what you call political conspiracies. Yes this is the land of conspiracies... Read More

Ban sugar, save lives

Nepal, Oct. 6 -- First, let us all welcome back our great Prime Monster Oli who has had fun visiting New York, taking pictures with Trump and the First Lady. I think our Foreign Ministry wallahs shoul... Read More

Dashain gifts

Nepal, Sept. 29 -- Dashain is round the corner and as usual, our corrupt incompetent government wants to give us common citizens a lot of gift hampers. The gifts from the government are different from... Read More