Alok Verma has rekindled our sense of dharma

NEW DELHI, Jan. 15 -- I do not know Alok Kumar Verma. I do not believe I have ever met the twice removed director of our Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). We do not have mutual friends or share r... Read More

There was something in Vajpayee that marked him out as his own person

MUMBAI, Dec. 25 -- No one chooses to be born. Much less to this or that family, community, country. No one has any hand in the fall of that dice. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, born on this day in 1924 in any ... Read More

He did not want statues of himself

NEW DELHI, Dec. 18 -- It will be a waste of good money to spend ~25,000 on erecting a clay or metallic statue of the figure of a man who is himself made of clay..." Gandhi, Harijan on February 11, 193... Read More

A spontaneous outpouring of agony

NEW DELHI, Dec. 4 -- He will not like my saying this, in fact, will strongly disapprove of my even trying to say it, and, given half a chance, will intervene and stop me from saying it. But I have to ... Read More