Red panda conservation becoming challenging

JUMLA, Feb. 15 -- With increased poaching activities and rampant destruction of habitat, Jumla district is finding it challenging to conserve the endangered red pandas.Stakeholders, in a conservation ... Read More

Men in business, women in socio-political affairs

JUMLA, Dec. 30 -- Bijkali Rokaya of Sija is among the leading women of the village. She says that women have been running the whole village since all men have gone to foreign lands in search of employ... Read More

Menstruating women still banished to sheds in 'Chaupadi-free' Jumla

JUMLA, Dec. 27 -- Bishnumaya Tiwari of Sija Rural Municipality still has to sleep in cowshed during five days of her period. Though health workers keep suggesting women to get rest and eat healthy foo... Read More

Government officials risking their lives under cracked building

JUMLA, Dec. 11 -- The staff of the District Drinking Water and Sanitation Subdivision Office (DDWSSO) in Jumla are forced to work in a dilapidated building, which has developed cracks everywhere. The ... Read More

Youths' journey to 'Kalapahad' continues

JUMLA, Dec. 6 -- This time, Birendra Budha of Sija Rural Municipality - 4 was not willing to go to Kalapahad at all. He wanted to find a job in his village. Though his friends left for Kalapahad, he r... Read More

Rape victims in Jumla settle cases fearing social stigma

JUMLA, Dec. 6 -- Few weeks ago, police arrested Laxiram Rokaya of Chandannath Municipality-8, accusing him of raping a thirteen-year-old girl, who lived next door. Rokaya was caught red-handed by the ... Read More

Local bodies in Jumla all prepared to launch early warning, preparedness systems

JUMLA, Dec. 4 -- Local bodies in Jumla are all set to launch community-based early warning and preparedness systems to avoid the impact of natural disasters such as floods, landslides, storms, and for... Read More