Archaeology and politics

India, Dec. 6 -- China has lately become very fond of archaeology though it is mainly a 'political' archaeology. On December 1, Xinhua published an article titled: 'Qinghai-Tibet Plateau first conquer... Read More

Doklam redux?

India, Nov. 22 -- The 40th anniversary of " China's reform and opening up" is being celebrated across the country this year as the Chinese propaganda affirms: "Over the past 40 years, the country has ... Read More

Back to the future in China?

India, Oct. 25 -- On September 13, 1971, a Chinese Trident 1E airliner crashed in Inner Mongolia; everyone on board was killed. The special flight carried Marshal Lin Biao, China's Defence Minister an... Read More

Why suppress right to historical knowledge?

India, Oct. 11 -- One of the biggest failures of the present Government has been its ignorance of the importance of post-Independence history. Four years after it was elected to bring about some trans... Read More

A life completely devoted to Ladakh

India, Sept. 27 -- The mountainous 'Land of the Passes', as Ladakh is known, is celebrating the centenary of one of most illustrious sons, the 19th Kushok Bakula Rinpoche. Born on May 27, 1918, at the... Read More