Map of aggression

India, Feb. 14 -- Hua Chunying, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has a poor knowledge of history and even geography. Once again, she claimed recently that Arunachal Pradesh... Read More

Silk Roads without people

India, Jan. 31 -- China is very fond of Silk Roads. In 2013, a year after Xi Jinping was anointed Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, he initiated a Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Since then, the Chinese ... Read More

Sikkim's political stability is crucial to India's security

New Delhi, Jan. 20 -- In the summer of 2017, the Doklam incident could have taken a dramatic turn for India (and China too!); fortunately, it ended well with the withdrawal of the Chinese and Indian a... Read More

Alzeimerish China

India, Jan. 17 -- Cary Huang, a senior columnist with the South China Morning Post, wrote recently: "In 2019, China ushers in a year full of both festive jubilation and political trouble. Its communis... Read More

World on a boil

India, Jan. 3 -- The planet is in turmoil. This did not start in 2018 but worsened during the past year and without being a bird of bad omen, it will continue in 2019. The 2018 award for chaos goes to... Read More

Building synergies

India, Dec. 20 -- A first meeting of the newly constituted India-China High Level Mechanism on Cultural and People-to-People Exchanges will be held on December 21 in New Delhi. It will be co-chaired b... Read More

Archaeology and politics

India, Dec. 6 -- China has lately become very fond of archaeology though it is mainly a 'political' archaeology. On December 1, Xinhua published an article titled: 'Qinghai-Tibet Plateau first conquer... Read More

Doklam redux?

India, Nov. 22 -- The 40th anniversary of " China's reform and opening up" is being celebrated across the country this year as the Chinese propaganda affirms: "Over the past 40 years, the country has ... Read More