With love, from Nepal

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- All of us remember going through pages of coloring books when we were young. There are also coloring books for adults that people use to lower stress and anxiety. Most of the colorin... Read More

What's in a name ?

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- The name game Shakespeare said, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet." But, in the world of business, you want your brand name to be ... Read More

A wonderful world of baked goodies

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- You won't be able to stop gorging on these wonderful treats. Nana's Delights, an artisan bakery located in Patan Dhoka in Lalitpur, has cakes, chocolates, and cookies (in interesting... Read More

Going with the flow

Nepal, Feb. 8 -- Malika Mahat is a well-known name among Nepali youths. The 19-year-old model has firmly established herself as one of the most popular Instagram stars of Nepal with over 76k followers... Read More

Easing into spring

Nepal, Feb. 1 -- Dressing for extreme weather seasons like cold winter or hot summer is pretty easy. It's the times in between when we struggle to get dressed properly but it comes really easy for Ash... Read More

Crafting timeless pieces

Nepal, Jan. 25 -- Mohammed Ibrahim and Qazi Sayed launched Turramqo, a jewelry brand, around 16 years ago. As Tibetan Muslims their main objective behind starting Turramqo was to bring a little bit of... Read More

Healthy and Wholesome

Nepal, Jan. 18 -- We are becoming spoilt for choice where eating out is concerned. With so many restaurants, offering different types of cuisines, in the capital, it's becoming increasingly difficult ... Read More

Beautiful add-ons

Nepal, Jan. 18 -- A lot of startups these days create their customer base initially through social media. A new kind of startup that has been coming up in the past year and is based primarily on their... Read More

Out of Ideas?

Nepal, Jan. 18 -- The fashion industry, worldwide, has for years been a victim of piracy. Someone comes up with a concept and before you know it there are many inspired (read copied) versions of the s... Read More

A taste of the best

Nepal, Jan. 11 -- The choices to eat out are aplenty in Kathmandu with a restaurant or cafe at almost every corner of the street. But fine dining isn't an option at a lot of these places. Chimes Resta... Read More