Tourists urged to temporarily avoid beaches

Jakarta, Dec. 27 -- The Tourism Ministry has decided to temporarily stop tourism promotions for destinations affected by last weekend?s tsunami that hit the Sunda Strait, calling on tourists to avoid ... Read More

Sad days ahead of Xmas, New Year celebrations

Jakarta, Dec. 25 -- People around the globe are usually happy in the face of the year end as they are ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year festivities, but Indonesian people had to bow their head... Read More

World leaders condole with Indonesian tsunami victims' families

Jakarta, Dec. 25 -- Condolences from world leaders are pouring in for the families of the victims of the Indonesian tsunami that struck Sunda Strait between the islands of Sumatra and Java, claiming a... Read More

Lombok struggling to regain its shine

Jakarta, Dec. 16 -- The Lombok Island of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province, which has been crowned to become a new Bali, the country's most popular tourist resort province, is now struggling to regain... Read More

Several infrastructure projects to be completed in 2019

Jakarta, Dec. 15 -- After conducting intensive infrastructure development in the country over the past four years, several projects have been completed and will be inaugurated in 2019. Since the star... Read More

Plastic industries call for review of plastic bag ban

Jakarta, Dec. 13 -- Plastic waste is difficult to decompose and poses a serious threat to the environment. Therefore, the government hopes to find solutions to the problem of plastic waste, especiall... Read More

Indonesia poised to become world's best halal tourism country

Jakarta, Dec. 12 -- Muslim tourists are a potential segment of the global tourism where in 2017, a total of 131 Muslim tourist arrivals were recorded globally, or up from 121 million in 2016. It is e... Read More

One-map policy to improve business, overlapping land

Jakarta, Dec. 12 -- Overlapping land use or even overlapping claim on land ownership is one of the main problems of land in Indonesia. In order to resolve the problem, the government has launched a O... Read More

Year ender - Government poised to achieve salt self-sufficiency

Jakarta, Dec. 9 -- The main problem that the government has been facing so far in the salt sector is increasing the production and market of domestically produced salt to stop import. Therefore, the ... Read More

Year ender - Trans-Java toll road ready for 2018 year-end travelers

Jakarta, Dec. 8 -- Several sections of the 1,150-kilometer Trans-Java Toll Road to connect Merak Port in the western tip of Java with Banyuwangi in the eastern part of the island are still under const... Read More