Bangladesh holds important 'geopolitical strategic position' in BRI: Expert

Dhaka, Dec. 9 -- Bangladesh holds an important 'geopolitical strategic position' in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that offers 'great potential' to strengthen economic and trade cooperation betwee... Read More

'Correction within Myanmar Buddhists needed to end Rohingya sufferings'

Dhaka, Dec. 7 -- Though everybody knows Buddhists as peace-loving people, Iranian scholar Dr S Javad Mazloumi has said a new definition of Buddhism, seen in Myanmar, is one of many reasons why Rohingy... Read More

Shipbuilding a hidden gem in Bangladesh: ADB

Dhaka, Nov. 27 -- Country Director of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Manmohan Parkash has expressed the optimism that Bangladesh will be known as a 'technically advanced nation' producing large ship... Read More

Int'l support must for Bangladesh to make shift to inclusive edu for Rohingyas: Unesco

Dhaka, Nov. 20 -- International support is vital for countries like Bangladesh to make the shift to inclusive education ensuring education for Rohingyas living in Bangladesh, said a new global report ... Read More

India not to compromise with Jamaat; wants peaceful Bangladesh

Dhaka, Nov. 20 -- India wants to see the continuation of great momentum that exists in its relations with "stable and peaceful" Bangladesh, renewing its stance that it will never compromise with Jamaa... Read More

Preparations afoot to repatriate 150 Rohingyas Thursday

Dhaka, Nov. 13 -- Bangladesh is taking all the preparations in coordination with Myanmar to begin the first batch of Rohingya repatriation on Thursday though the ultimate success depends on "voluntari... Read More

A World of Three Zeros: Dr Yunus begins German book tour

Bangladesh, Nov. 11 -- Hamburg (Germany), Nov 11 (UNB) - Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus has started his German book tour with his first stop in Berlin on Saturday giving an insight int... Read More

20 years is the timeline to build a new civilization: Prof Yunus

Wolfsburg (Germany), Nov. 10 -- Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus has set a 20-year timeline to build a new civilization alongside replacing the "greed-driven" society which will help remove enormous... Read More

GSBS ends in Germany with call for spreading happiness thru' transformation

Wolfsburg (Germany), Nov. 9 -- The 9th Global Social Business Summit (GSBS) ended here on Friday seeking genuine efforts to address key global challenges and build a future that will spread happiness ... Read More

GSBS: Bangladesh's success stories impress global audience

Wolfsburg (Germany), Nov. 8 -- Bangladesh's impressive success stories in various areas, including women empowerment, came in the limelight repeatedly here as the ninth edition of two-day Global Socia... Read More