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Maulekhi videos animal slaughter at Inamullah Building, demands ban

Dehradun, Oct. 31 -- Attention has been drawn in a letter written to the Chief Secretary and senior forest department officials regarding the judgement passed in Writ Petition number 77 of 2010, Gauri Maulekhi vs Government of Uttarakhand and others by the High Court at Nainital dated 19 December, 2011, the operative portion of which requires:'We, accordingly, conclude the matter and direct the State and its agencies to ensure that no destruction / killing / sacrifice of any nature of any animal takes place outside a registered or licensed slaughter house, if such destruction / killing / sacrifice is to take place in any city, town or urban or semi-urban areas of the State, which areas are within the jurisdiction of municipalities or other local authorities, and to ensure that the purpose of such destruction / killing / sacrifice is to arrange food for mankind and for no other purpose. Though it is not necessary that destruction / killing / sacrifice of animals in rural area should take place within slaughter house, it is obligatory on the part of the State to ensure that such destruction / killing / sacrifice is for the purpose of arranging food for mankind and for no other purpose. We, accordingly, direct the State and its agencies to adhere to their obligations, as indicated above, and to implement the same vigorously, with an appeal to the people of the State as above.'Maulekhi has intimated the state agencies in the letter that vide her request dated 24 August 2012, an offence under the aforementioned judgment was to occur on a massive scale at a particular location falling within the municipal limits of Dehradun city.She sought help of the police to visit the unauthorised slaughtering of animals in one of the important public places of the city but no help was provided to her. However, she visited the Shalimar Hotel Lane of Inamullah Building on Gandhi road and found mass slaughter of animals, in public visibility and on the roadside taking place. This place is not a licensed or recognised slaughter house. A copy of the CD with the recording of the incident on 27 October 2012 has been annexed. The video can also be viewed on has complained that the SHO Kotwali, Dehradun, SSP Dehradun, DIG Dehradun, IG (Law and Order) Uttarakhand and the DGP Uttarakhand were aware about the illegal slaughter of animals and had categorically refused to stop the illegal slaughter of animals or to assist her in discharging her duties as a Co-opted Member of the Animal Welfare Board of India.That it was admitted by the residents of the area and videographed that besides the slaughter being conducted illegally, the gastro intestinal matter, blood and animal tissues were dumped in the Nagar Nigam Dehradun garbage disposal bins along with household waste on 27 October. The blood and semi solid waste was being allowed to flow into the drains that eventually led to the Rispana River without treatment, leading to further contamination, disease and pollution.That no post mortem or ante mortem examination of animals was being done on any animal that was being slaughtered. There were visibly diseased and sick animals were being slaughtered for meat leading to a major health threat to all the end consumers and each handler.Children of age group 5 to 7 years were being seen handling butchers' weapons and assisting in the slaughter which is mentally, physically, socially and morally dangerous and harmful and leads to dehumanisation of the children.She said it was reliably learnt that the same happened everyday in the said locality.As per the Biomedical Waste Handling and Management Rules 1998, Biomedical waste has been defined as ''any waste, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunisation of human beings or animals or in research activities pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of biological, and including categories mentioned in Schedule 1'.In Category 2 of Schedule 1, the carcasses, animal tissues, organs, body parts and blood are listed right at the top. Thus it is clearly laid down that all animal waste generated in slaughter houses, meat and poultry shops etc is biomedical waste and must be disposed as per the Biomedical Waste Handling and Management Rules 1998.She has reminded the officials that their obligation and lawful duty was to be discharged as directed to by the High Court of Uttarakhand. She has demanded that they comply with her request within 10 days, otherwise she would be constrained to move the High Court on contempt.She has requested that that the Director General of Police of Uttarakhand be directed to register cases and launch prosecution under Sections 268, 269, 429 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 3/11/38 of the Slaughter House Rules 2001 framed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and appropriate Sections of the Environment Protection Act 1986 against the persons appearing in the CD for the incident dated 27 October 2012 of Shalimar Hotel Lane, Inamullah Building, Gandhi Road, Dehradun. Also that appropriate steps be taken to direct the appropriate agencies to close down all the unauthorised places where slaughter of animals in the state is taking place and to take all lawful measures to stop illegal slaughter of animals at places outside registered or licensed slaughter houses or in disobedience of the direction of the High Court. As well as appropriate orders be issued for the disposal of solid, semi solid and liquid waste of the slaughter houses to be disposed as per the Biomedical Waste Handling and Management Rules 1998. Also that wide publicity be given to the aforesaid direction contained in the judgement to educate the citizens of the state not to kill animals, if killed, such slaughter should be in a licensed slaughterhouse after following all the rules and regulations as prescribed by the Slaughter House Rules 2001 framed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and other laws....

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