India, Jan. 11 -- Maruti Suzuki is switching to a completely new gear this year. With a coming-of-age car like Ignis, the carmaker, in its 30s, is looking to wear a new character outside its "daddy's car" guise.

Due for launch on January 13, Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) has even released a Twitter emoji for #IGNIS, aimed at its target audience -- the millennials.

So here are five things about the latest "premium urban compact" in town:

1) Bold looks: At first sight, Ignis looks familiar, like a cooler NRI cousin of WagonR. More aggressive styling -- wide open eyes and hexa-mesh grille for powerful stance, beefy muscles on the sides and confident straight strokes all over the body - says it wants to be an SUV.

The Suzuki stylists have succe...